Berg, 2003-07-29

First year was a success

First year was a success

In addition to technical developments Bitmanagement has been successfull in commercial terms.

Bitmanagement Software GmbH focuses on 3D technologies of the three technological standards MPEG-4, VRML, and X3D/Java. Based on the development of 3D player-software on ISO standard VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) since 1995, Bitmanagements team has engineered as one of the first a fully integrated 2D/3D MPEG-4 player. The company is located near Munich, Germany.

Technologically Bitmanagement has released new version of BS Contact VRML in June 2003 based on 6 years development of former blaxxun. Development of release 6.1 in June 2003 of the VRML viewer concentrated in addition to enhanced documentation on content encryption, performance and license mechanisms. Due to the participation in a EC-research project called ICE CREAM with Philips as consortium leader Bitmanagement could extend its existing network and conserve access to international developments.

In the first year after foundation the company has apart from pure license deals e.g. with Telecom Italia signed long term co-operations agreements. On the one hand side there is to stress a co-operation with Siemens AG, where the BS Contact MPEG-4 is used as front-end for a SAP integrated 3D-Shop-application. On the other hand a good example is tarakos GmbH who uses BS Contact VRML as embedded technology for their concept in the area of process visualisation. Bitmanagements presence on 3 booths at CEBIT 2003 and a TV report on German TV of Bitmanagement has assisted to promote Bitmanagement.

The strategy will be kept.
Bitmanagement will further concentrate on development of viewer technology based on the ISO-standards MPEG-4, VRML and X3D. A valid BS SDK Package with documentation, dlls and examples enables the customer to embed the technology into third party applications or products. On request Bitmanagement will develop additional features and integrate these into its technology.
So the customer may use the standalone viewer for demanding visualisation in 3D or create
surplus value through embedding the technology in products and/or service concepts.
Bitmanagement will build up partners in specific markets from CAD-visualisation to Gaming
in order to generate respective licence income.

We are confident to manage the upcoming growth successfully in the future.


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