Berg, 2006-03-01

Ad game marketing

Goodyears marketing comes off well with software from Bitmanagement

Racing route as interactive play across a virtual landscape on the Internet/3D software makes product marketing more attractive

Berg near Starnberg."When our marketing department came up with the idea to let customers test our tires by themselves with computer game and produce thus a direct customer contact as well as a closer customer relationship, it created large skepticism in the top management I already buried all hopes, to get a budget for this project at all"." How to realize the project, based on which technology and finally to which costs?"I looked for more arguments, more exactly I continued to look for a suitable software. And from my point of view it only could be a professional 3D software. We argued that only this way we could be on the safe side to bring our message across. The break-through came with a software which we found in the Internet. The designation was BS Contact VRML/X3D , which seemingly would fulfil all preconditions to gain highest performance". And it really did."(Michel Cavro,Goodyear, France)

With an interactive game solution, the US-American tire manufacturer Goodyear followed new paths in marketing. The virtual game provides the possibility for potentiell customers of finding out playful which tire types fitting best to them. Who takes part in the play, is like its own "Schummi". With maximum speed brew it in a fast car of its own choice over a racing course, uphill, downhill, with many challenges for drivers and tires. That the play comes up realistically, but the three-dimensional representation ensures. For a performing realization of the game solution it was crucial to find a 3D software which is interactive in real time, is flexible, in order to make special requirements possible,and which lets itself be integrated problem-free into the total customer concept. The Internet capability makes above all the distribution to many different users possible.

Goodyear decided for the German 3D software of Bitmanagement Software GmbH. It supplied the software component BS Contact vrml/X3D, which was integrated by Goodyear into their application for visualization. BS Contact fulfilled all requirements, which were necessary for a software-supported visualization solution: Problem-free integration and further supporting software Tools. Tools,particularly helpful like BS Exporter for Blender or for 3ds max, which converts in each case 3D models into BS Contact VRML/X3D including their extensions. Thanks to the Internet capability of the german 3D Software Goodyear could start its racing game in 7 countries simultaneously.


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