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BS Contact VRML / X3D - Multimedia

BS Contact VRML/X3D - new release 7.0

The new features of release 7.0 of BS Contact VRML/X3D enable visualization of photographs,
videos/films with a focus on interactive three dimensional and internet ready solutions with video
generation from 3D models.

Through enhanced support of shader technology and video integration ground-breaking new quality
in real-time 3D is possible:


Realisation by Laurent Privat Infographie –

(click the images for demos)

Main New Multimedia Features

• live video stream input i.e. of cameras and capture cards (mono and stereo)
• augmented reality support with i.e. geometry culling
• new shader model 3.0 supported
• new tracking interface with Dynaside
• video generation of 3D scenes (off screen rendering)
• printing of posters of 3D pictures (also server side rendering)
• high resolution of 3D models and video
• shader support for shadow, reflections and other advanced effects
• improved volume rendering

General Development and Support

• Firefox and Opera browser support
• reduction of textures due to JPEG2000 support
• enhanced X3D support (e.g. X3D field types)
• extended user interface
• space mouse support without programming of 3D scenes
• conversion of VRML to X3D
• 3D in PowerPoint

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