New Geometry Instancing Node in BS Contact

Using Bitmanagement’s new geometry instancing knode multiple copies of the same object are rendered in one pass. This technique is mainly for objects such as trees, grass, or buildings that contain recurrent geometries of interest. Inspite of the large number of additions of objects, the performance of the scene is not affected significantly as the hardware acceleration of current graphics cards in DirectX is exploited.

In 3D scenes the more distant objects (e.g. trees), which must normally be represented with sprites can be provided now with a real geometry. In these scenes the vegetation or other repeating objects in the distance look better.

When using conventional methods rendering many of these object instances goes hand in hand with a drastic loss of performance. However, since taking advantage of the Bitmanagement implementation and the hardware acceleration of current graphics cards (both ATI and Nvidia) the designer gets an improved graphics quality with almost no performance cost.

The following technical example shows the new geometry instance node with a simple box geometry in many repetitions.

DEF GeoInstance GeometryInstance{
	shape Shape {
		appearance Appearance {
			material Material {
				diffuseColor 1 1 1
				specularColor 1 1 1
				ambientIntensity .0833
				shininess .08
			texture	ImageTexture {
				url	"images/cc063219.jpg"
		geometry Box {
			size 2 2 2