3D city model development finds consistently positive feedback

Berg near Munich, October 24, 2011
Real Expo 2011 - High resolution 3D city models online and interactive

Based on the cooperation with Kim Jung-Gruettner Bitmanagement offers a mature supply of 3D visualization and content creation technology for high resolution city models / Both partners being skilled in its core competence for nearly ten years / Peter Schickel: “Bitmanagement plans to exhibit at the next Expo Real in 2012“.

In cooperation with Kim Jung-Gruettner, founder and former CEO of mail push GmbH, Darmstadt/Hessen and business partner, Bitmanagement, 3D software developer based in Berg near Munich, can offer a complete package for developing and visualizing virtual 3d models including creation of high resolution content. The visualization package addresses city and real estate developers in particular, architects and public authorities. The feed-back after discussions with experts at this year's Real Expo has been consistently positive - customers presented new created models, offers could be concreted. According to the high level of trade visitors Bitmanagement intends to exhibit at the next year's Real Expo in 2012, the eminent meeting place for international real estate companies.

Trade visitors appreciated the matter of fact that users benefit from nearly 10 years of experience of each of the partners in their respective core competence. Bitmanagement today ranks among the leading suppliers in the range of high quality 3D visualization of city and building models, infrastructure and highway routes on the basis of ISO-standard software. The 3D software is designed for real-time and interactive visualization as well as for portrayal and distribution of content on the internet. Moreover, the 3D software, known under the product name "BS Contact", supports established browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari just as the operation systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. It also applies for mobile devices like smartphone, tablet computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Accordingly trade visitors commented about positively, that Bitmanagement complies with market requirements for hardware and software independent 3D software solutions and additionally supplying simultaneously the increasing trend of 3D applications in mobile communication devices.

Also highly welcomed was that Bitmanagement offers both 3D software and content creation. The company and its partner have access to round about 50 German and "off shore" content developers from different countries to create and produce competitive high resolution content. "Based on our 3D software and our content supply we develop substantial projects around the globe", accentuate Peter Schickel, Bitmanagement CEO and business partner Kim Jung-Grüttner. Customers increasingly recognize the advantage of a 3D visualization, for example concerning not unusual intensive decision making processes in the Geo application area – which can become shorter and cost saving, and same time can enable a higher public participation.

Fig.: The picture shows interactive city visualization on internet based on an example of Marseille (France). The real time visualization of the automatic generated data are realized on a terrain covering way with time and cost saving advantages.

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About Bitmanagement

Bitmanagement is a provider of multimedia software with focus on online interactive 3D visualization. The multimedia technology for 2D/3D, audio and video is real time and Internet ready. Based on the ISO standard formats VRML/X3D, CityGML and COLLADA, MPEG-4 and Java, it allows an Interactive visualization of concepts and products.

Bitmanagement develops and markets a product portfolio of visualization software, which is composed of visualization software (BS Contact VRML / X3D, MPEG-4, Geo, Stereo and Mobile), documentation (BS SDK Package) for animation and different programming tools up to Workflow optimization such as BS Encrypt.

Bitmanagement was founded in 2002 by three former employees of the blaxxun interactive AG, Munich. The company achieved sales growth and positive result in 2010 and is "cash flow positive" since its founding."

Bitmanagement is board member of the "Web3D Consortium" (USA), which is responsible for the standardization and dissemination of 3D ISO standards for the Internet. Bitmanagement is simultaneously also a member of the "3D Consortium” for the dissemination of stereoscopic visualisation.

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