Welcome to the Bitmanagement Geo-Demo

Performing and stable realtime client software BS Contact Geo - customisable (OEM) Customers use BS Contact Geo as frontend of their applications on almost all computers and graphics cards in the industry and the consumer market.

One click start for viewer and data can be prepared. Data (from partners) and Viewer for your business model from your webserver.

  • Globe view, map view, cityview (LoD 1-4), streetlevel view, interior view
  • Integration of all kinds of geospatial data for online use.
  • Vector, DEM, Textures, 3D, 3D with textures etc.
  • Google KMZ, CityGML, VRML, X3D, Collada, OGC Services (MAP)
  • Data from different sources e.g. Navteq, teleatlas, blom, geocontent, esri
  • Globe interface similar to google earth with automated positioning of terrain data on Globe
  • Automated conversion of map projections
  • BS Tiler for preparing your data for internet use
  • Additional download-performance improvement through custom server software possible