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Node Extensions:

CAD: Assembly nodes

MultiTouch: FlickHouse
MultiTouch: FlickSensor
MultiTouch: FlickBall
MultiTouch: PrintGestures
MultiTouch: 3Spheres
MultiTouch: PrintTouches
MultiTouch: TouchScreenSensorColors
MultiTouch: SimpleImageViewer

Character Animation: Dr. X (exported from 3DS Max)
Character Animation: Kick
Character Animation: Lili Motion

Cells&Portals: Indoor
Cells&Portals: Outdoor

Fontstyle: on-the-fly TextureText (6.0)
Fontstyle: TextureText1
Fontstyle: Symbol

Layer3D: Example1
Layer3D: Example2
Layer3D: Example3

MultiTexturing: Bump Mapping
MultiTexturing: Bump Mapping Magic Ball
MultiTexturing: CompositeTexture3D
MultiTexturing: CompositeTexture3D rendering formats
MultiTexturing: Light map
MultiTexturing: Blend mode editing
MultiTexturing: Animated Light map (tunnel)
MultiTexturing: Blend mode cycle
MultiTexturing: Alpha mapping
MultiTexturing: Texture fading
MultiTexturing: Flash effect
MultiTexturing: Alpha Blend Mapping with 3 textures
MultiTexturing: Environment mapping + base texture
MultiTexturing: Environment mapping 2
MultiTexturing: Specular mapping
MultiTexturing: Light effect
MultiTexturing: Underwater effect
MultiTexturing: light mapped set of rooms
MultiTexturing: Chrome effect
MultiTexturing: Chrome effect + environment mapping1
MultiTexturing: Chrome effect + environment mapping2
MultiTexturing: Gradient effect
MultiTexturing: animated NURBS patch with chrome effect
MultiTexturing: Procedural Texture cycle
MultiTexturing:Blend map

TexCoord Generation: TexCoordGen mode "NOISE"
TexCoord Generation: TexCoordGen mode cycle
TexCoord Generation:Projective cube map
TexCoord Generation:Video projected
TexCoord Generation:DDS Cube map
TexCoord Generation:different DDS Cube map
TexCoord Generation:inside DDS Cube map
TiledImageTexture:DX9 only browsing an 8K image

NURBS: Animated Birds
NURBS: Animated Patch
NURBS: Free Form Deformation
NURBS: Knight Nurbs
NURBS: okupi Avatars
NURBS: okupi Avatar1
NURBS: okupi Avatar2
NURBS: okupi Avatar3
NURBS: okupi Avatar4

Particles: ParticleSystem1
Particles: Simple fire
Particles: Sparks and mirror effect
Particles: box particles
Particles: Comet
Particles: Interactive Parameter Edit
Particles: randomly moving comets
Particles: Flame
Particles: Visual FX1

Shadow: projected shadow geometry
Shadow: projected shadow map
Shadow: DX9 shadow depth map

X3D: Hello World
X3D: NPS Kelp Forest

UI Customization: right click menu
UI Customization: MouseSensor
UI Customization: Custom Examine Mode
UI Customization: Custom "BeamTo" Navigation
UI Customization: Custom "Quake-like" Navigation
UI Customization: Interactive choice of different navigation modes

Embedding: Transparent 3D in HTML (IE 6.0)

Embedding: Transparent 3D mixed with HTML (IE 6.0)
Playlist: loading list of worlds
DeviceSensor: joystick
DeviceSensor: Space Mouse