Berg, 2005-03-01

Bitmanagement is in the black 2004 and enforces its marketing acitvities on fairs in 2005

Bitmanagement is in the black 2004 and enforces its marketing acitvities on fairs in 2005

Bitmanagement Software GmbH finalized 2004 succesfully and shows a profit in its audited annual accounts. The Management agrees with the three shareholders to assume a further positiv development in 2005. A number of long term oriented contracts with customers could be closed, that will in addition begin to pay off after their implementations in 2005. Due to its internet concept customers from USA/Canada to China/Japan/Australia could be attained. Despite the lasting investment in its further product development the company is in total cashflow positiv out of its operative activities since its foundation in 2002.
For backing of the anticipated growth of the company and in order to benefit from the stimulation on the market for interactive realtime 3D, Bitmanagement enforces its marketing acitivities on fairs and trade shows in 2005.

On this years Cebit in Hannover, Germany, Bitmanagement presented its software technology for interactive realtime 3D visualisation on 5 partner booths.

The Focus was visualisation with the stereoscopic renderer BS Contact Stereo on 3D screens of hardware partners allowing a “real” 3D effect without supporting classes. A special top on the normal TFTs together with the softwarecauses the effect that the objects apparantly fly in front of the screens.

On the booth Bavaria Innovative a demo in the fieldof augmented reality has been showcased. The demo showsdifferent interactive 3D objects like a mobile phone instereoscopic manner in front of a video –whether live video or a prepared stream .

As software partner of SeeReal Technologies GmbHBitmanagement presented multiple applications for thecommon hard- and software solution. BS Contact Stereo isnatively customized for the 3D displays of SeeReal foroptimized performance. By bundling hardware from SeeRealand software from Bitmanagement the user of the screenscan utilize their own 3D models based on VRML or X3D, e.g.from CAD, architecture, medicine but also interactive realtimegames. VRML is exported by most of 3D content creationtools as data format capable for use in the Internet.

At the same time as Cebit Bitmanagement presented on IEEE conference called VR 2005, atrade fair for Virtual Reality in Bonn, Germany. There the focus was the visualisation ofsimulation results on stereoscopic projectors such as of digital IMAGE. This passiv stereoprojection is a pre-stage of a complex cave-solutions, which can be seen withBitmanagement software e.g. at Fraunhofer Institut for Production and Assembly, Stuttgart. In April Bitmanagement will exhibit on the Web3D conference in Bangor, Great Britain.Bitmanagement joined in Februar 2005 the Web3D Consortium that propagates VRMLand/or X3D from the US. In the area of digital factoryBitmanagement will exhibit as partnerof tarakos GmbH on the Hannover fair in April 2005.


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