BS Content Studio - 3D Authoring tool - based on 10 years of components

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Authoring tool for easy and fast creation of 3D scenes and apps.
 Author once - deploy anywhere - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, HTML5 / WebGL
Use the power of standard formats like VRML, X3D, X3DB, COLLADA
and other very usefull formats
Features of BS Content Studio

  • Transform (translate, rotate, scale, manipulate center) scene elements
  • Edit the appearance of shapes.
  • Create animations by manipulating fields
  • Optimize scene by static batching or instance batching
  • Export into VRML, X3D, X3DB, X3DOM Web3D ISO standard formats
  • Optimize or Reduce mesh complexity by planar or cell reduction
  • Scene property editing for Worldinfo, Background, and Navigation
  • Display of route graph for easy editing

Interaction: Just connect routes and events visually. It has never been so easy to get your own interactivity into your scenes.

Visual User Interface Interactivity with 3D objects and sensors that fire events and change the scene by mouseclick.

Visual animation designers: Just click your animations and play them in 3D.

Visual user interface for easy animations. Move your objects by mouseclick and record the movement. Animate a driving car visually by dragging the mouse. Interpolation is automatically done internally.

Sophisticated Script-Editor: If you do not want to work visually, you can use our advanced editor for sophisticated programming.

Advanced text-based source code editor with syntax tips highlighted.

Dynamic Shaders: Put in lights and shadows

Setting prepared dynamic shaders for lighting and shadows

Polygon reduction: Reduce the polygon count of your objects for faster online delivery and animation.

Visual User Interface for polygon reduction

Encryption of 3D content: Encryption to protect your sourcecode and allow distribution of your creation on the Internet.

Automatic encryption of 3D content

Binary output: Load and transfer your 3D faster by binary output optimized for the Internet.

Transcoding of X3D text files into binary X3DB files. X3DB Files are much smaller and load much faster. The export of the 3D scenes above as X3D and X3DB files. File size reduction can be 40% and more depending on the content.

Windows and Mac version: Use BS Content Studio on your favourite operating system.

BS Content Studio has been developed to be platform independent. It can be used on computers with running Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX operating systems.

Tutorial videos

In this tutorial video you will learn how to change the scene hierarchy and the pivot point of 3D objects in BS Content Studio.

In this tutorial video you will learn how to animate 3D objects in BSContent Studio.

In this tutorial video you will learn how to animate multiple 3D objects in BS Content Studio.

In this tutorial video you will learn how to create scripts in BS Content Studio.

In this tutorial video you will learn how to create HTML5 compatible 3D content with BS Content Studio.

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