Berg, 2008-11-11

C AVE – Immersive e xperience of logistical processes

The University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany, opens its logistical laboratories with own applications and highend-visuali

T he institute presents an own C AVE solution and adoption of modern techniques of c ommissioning using the example of a storage system / Bitmanagement provides a 3D CAVE software package based on BS SDK, BS Contact Stereo and BS Collaborate / Adoption of consumer hardware and a great ratio of price/performance makes the solution attractive for medium sized businesses

B erg, n ear Munich. The university of Applied Sciences has introduced their new logistic laboratory at the opening ceremony on November 11, 2008. In the laboratory the faculty presented to the specialist audience a physical storage system for small parts and a virtual CAVE system (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) from its own conception.

„We achieve with this opening a contribution to assist companies with their daily problems in optimising logistical processes and do application oriented research“, explained Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Meier two of the aims, that the laboratory with its physical equipment and the virtual CAVE-simulations of logistical processes will bring. The highend visualisation in the CAVE could be realized at good quality based on cheap hardware as Bitmanagement is focussed on consumer hardware for their rendering.

Apart from the model of the inventory the institute presented the newly opened CAVE for interactive and stereoscopic visualisation of objects and immersive ambience. CAVE systems are high end visualisation systems with two, three or more room-high projection walls that mediate a realistic 3D effect. The technique itself is well known and is used from CAD development and design (reduction of prototypes), medicine (training of surgery), pharmacy and molecule biology (3D structures), digital factory (simulation of factory processes) to car or aircraft simulation. According Prof. Meier “For the first time we managed to build up a CAVE using low priced standard hardware components with high quality results. With this concept the economic usability can be augmented for many use cases and user groups from medium sized businesses

The University of Applied Sciences cooperated with Bitmanagement Software GmbH near Munich fort this ambitious project. Bitmanagement adjusted the 3D software to the special hardware requirements of the university and the planned round profile of the CAVE set up. The software from the Bitmanagement product portfolio consists of BS SDK Package, BS Contact Stereo as client renderer and BS Collaborate synchronising the respective computers/projectors.

Bitmanagement and the University will market the CAVE solution together targeting the low cost market segment based on the concept of standard hard- and software. Bitmanagement wrote a Whitepaper “Stereoscopic Visualisation“:


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