A list of MPEG-4 Examples with 2D and 3D graphics

These examples require BS Contact MPEG-4 to be installed.

3D Examples

Dr. Mathe

3D animated cartoon for children, click on the teacher for his instructions.
(Model courtesy Lunatic Interactive)

3D Conferencing Room

a simple large mesh - uses quantization to reduce the 3D model size,
use mouse dragging for navigation.
(Model from Lightscape)

3D Fashion shop

complex scene with many textures and models.
Click on the models for poup information and change of style.

Camara model
3D camera model with interactive triggers and examine navigation.
(Model courtesy Lunatic Interactive)

Basic 3D examples

Outdoor Panorma

360 degrees view of an outdoor scene with free examination and navigation.
(Image, courtesy Nist)


3D Avatar

Dancing baby

the famous dancing baby exported from 3D Studio Max, Study on Interpolator compression via quantization.


Media Examples

Due to licencing restrictions the current player installer does not include MPEG-4 Audio & Video codecs.

See some video composition media examples using Windows Direct Show are here

Other 3D MPEG-4 examples done by partners in the Song Project
(not available for download here)

Phone Shop with remote sales agent - T-Systems
Online Theater booking service with 3D preview - France Telecom R&D
Virtual Turino- 3D shoping plaza - Telecom Italia Lab

Interactive 3D Music Shop by Octaga

Content produced in the IST Sambits project


Interoperability Examples

2D Test files from ENST





Flower slide show



IBM 2D Testfiles