Media Demos



2D / 3D Hardware accelerated graphics allows new presentation forms of traditional 2D video content.
With BS Contact and hardware shaders its possible to apply custom image processing algorithms to video streams on the fly.

BSContact supports a node StereoMovieTexture with an optimized Direct X9 Texturerender supporting YUV to RGB conversion and uploading to a DirectX9 Texture. This node and the MovieTexture are supporting additional fields for seeking, pausing etc.



Composition with Videos:

The videos referered here are game trailers, it will take some time to download them.

Animated boxes with 1 video

Animated boxes with 2 videos

Matrix Tunnel

Video particle system

Video on animated Surface with environment mapping

Gridded movie


Additional Media types for Direct Show

The Microsoft Direct Show frame works supports different plugins

A generic Audio/Video Decoder is FFDShow supporting decoding of all kind of video formats MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD, etc.), AVC/H.264 and audio formats

MPEG-2 Video

Windows7 contains an decoder, older version of Windows are not including an MPEG-2 Video / DVD decoder.

MPEG-4 Video

An decoder is needed like FFDShow, XVID or DIVX
The Intel Media SDK supports codecs, and if MP4 graph constructions fails, Intel Media SDK Filters are used if installed.

Example: DIVX AVI on random faces (DIVX Video, MP3 Audio)

Example: MoviePlayer with pause and using different videos

WRL Download


the MKV Splitter / Matroska Splitter supports reading of MKV files.

The "Direct Show Filterpack" contains the filter. Download

FFDShow is recommended as decoder Download

BSContact 7.222 recognizes the MKV extensions and is creating an Graph using Matroska Splitter if installed.



Windows Mediaplayer contains DirectShow codes for WMV,WMA and is supporting the mms:// streaming protocol.
See Windowsmedia for the latest media player updates and some tools.

OGG Vorbis

An Direct Show decoder is required, see Ogg Codecs for Windows, for download

Example: OGG Vorbis sound with particles

QuickTime MOV

MOV files can be played by installing a QuickTime Direct Show Filter.

See QuickTime Alternative


Intel Indeo

Intel Indeo AVI codecs are no longer shipped with Windows XP, they can be obtained from Ligos.


Real Media


Windows Media

Direct streaming using mms:// protocol - Media linked from

See Windows Media Encoder for serving streams.

Additional sources for decoders and tools:

Animated GIF

mirrored Fire