NURBS Extension for VRML97

This project is intended to test the feasibility of using NURBS geometry and NURBS interpolation as either possible extensions to or recommended practice for VRML97. Results, data sets and a sample implementation are presented here. This work, together with the node specification, will be presented to the VRML community and the Web3D consortium for further discussion.

The key benefits from the use of NURBS surface primitives include:

These features allow a new level of visual display and animation quality for Internet-delivered 3D graphics.

VRML NURBS proposal
VRML NURBS Exporters and File Converters
Example Content
NURBS in VRML (pdf) presented on VRML 2000 in Monterey


The NURBS Proposal is part of VRML 97 Amendment 1--Enhanced interoperability :

Parallel Graphics Cortona implements NurbsSurface node. Notes: the tesselation stragegy is different and supports an extra quality curve for fine tuning, if the knot vector is empty BS Contact & Cortona are computing different default knot vectors.


White Dune VRML Editor, (Nurbs hints and javascript PROTO implementation are here)


Charles Adams Maya Exporter at

Evgeneys Demidov 3D Splines & Web tutorials and examples:
Interactive NurbsSurface control :



Special thanks to Michael Vollmer and Dean Macri, Intel Corporation, for their ideas and support.

Ideas and implementation supported by Thomas Volk.